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Practical Funding Solutions For All

Woodsford works with the complete range of stakeholders involved in the litigation and arbitration funding processes, providing as much advice as is required at every stage.

We don’t have a “one size fits all” approach but understand that each case is different and each partnership is unique, motivated by individual priorities.
So whatever your role in the litigation or arbitration process, discover how we can work with you to achieve the successful outcome you require.

Law Firm Funding

Law Firms

Greater Flexibility In Managing Your Risk

Many cases are referred to us by law firms who have clients with a strong claim, but who lack the resources to cover the costs of the litigation. When you propose a case for funding, we commit to reviewing it promptly and to providing you with an expert assessment of its suitability.

When we fund your case, your bills and/or disbursements will be paid by us in full, without delay and free of interference. For law firms who handle a significant amount of claimant-side litigation or arbitration work, we can also offer law firm finance via portfolio funding arrangements. For further information see the Law Firm Finance section of this website.



The Funds And Experience To Help You Pursue Justice

If you have a high value meritorious case (typically with a claims value in excess of £3m/US$4m) but don’t have the necessary funds to purse it, don’t despair: Others have trodden this path before you and we are often able to help, not only with the funding but also in finding the right legal team for your case.

Litigation funding ensures that justice is accessible to everybody, not just to those with deep pockets. Send us details of your claim and we’ll be able to advise you if it is suitable for funding and using our connections in the legal world, we can also put you in touch with the right legal team.

In-house Counsel

In-house Counsel

Risk Management For High Value Litigation

With the costs of legal action increasing, even large, financially secure firms are turning to third-party litigation funding as a risk-management and finance tool. Litigation funding allows companies to provide greater flexibility in their approach to risk management. It also allows companies to move the cost and risk of pursing high value litigation claims off balance sheet completely.

Removing all the financial risk whilst retaining the potential for a considerable amount of the financial upside could be attractive to management and investors alike.



Funding Expertise For Your Clients

Woodsford works closely with several leading chambers ensuring that litigation or arbitration funding is a straightforward option for their clients if and when required. If you have a client with a strong claim but without the funding needed to meet your costs, please contact us.

We also instruct barristers when claimants come directly to us, and occasionally as part of our own case review process. If your chambers would like to know more about litigation funding for barristers, we will be happy to arrange a presentation.

Finance Directors

Finance Directors

Move Risk And Cost From Your Balance Sheet

Woodsford can help litigants manage the adverse accounting consequences of litigation or move the cost and risk off balance sheet altogether.

We pay the costs of litigation, avoiding any short term drag on profitability and allowing the business to focus cash to other critical projects, assisting asset value. A successful litigation can then be viewed as both a positive cash and income event.

Insolvency Practitioners

Insolvency Practitioners

The Funding To Pursue Creditors

Insolvency practitioners have long been users of litigation funding to pursue large scale assets which, without external funding, can remain beyond the reach of creditors.

Our case studies include examples of the successful partnerships Woodsford have enjoyed with insolvency practitioners and we are able to bring our considerable experience and expertise in this sector to work for you.