The Evolving Litigation Funding Landscape in the Cayman Islands

Litigation funding is only permissible in certain circumstances in the Cayman Islands - what are the particulars and is this likely to change? All you need to know about litigation funding in the Cayman Islands, written by Guy Manning and Kirsten Houghton of Campbells. Reproduced [...]

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Update on Litigation Funding in Singapore

Woodsford Litigation Funding welcomes Singapore's support for third-party funding of international arbitration and related proceedings By way of update to our Litigation Funding in Singapore report on 3 August 2016, on 10 January 2017 the Singapore Parliament passed amendments to the Civil Law Act legalising [...]

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Woodsford Litigation Funding kick starts New Year with executive appointments

Growing team focused on global opportunities LONDON and NEW YORK – Monday 9th January 2017, Woodsford Litigation Funding, the global provider of litigation financing solutions for businesses, individuals, and law firms, has announced a series of senior and executive appointments Woodsford Litigation Funding has promoted [...]

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Litigation Funding 2017 – global comparative guide now available

Woodsford is proud to announce the publication of the first edition of Litigation Funding 2017, published by 'Getting the Deal Through' and edited by Woodsford’s Steven Friel and Jonathan Barnes. This is the first global comparative survey of the law and practice of third-party litigation with [...]

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The Court of Appeal Judgement in Excalibur

Woodsford Litigation Funding welcomes today’s Appeal Judgement in Excalibur Further judicial approval for litigation funding. The Court of Appeal reaffirmed litigation funding as: “an accepted and judicially sanctioned activity perceived to be in the public interest.” Tomlinson LJ The funder’s ongoing role The Court recognised [...]

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John Beechey and Steven Friel at Enyo Arbitration Seminar

Enyo Arbitration Breakfast Seminar - Third Party Funding in Arbitration: Essar v Norscot and beyond John Beechey CBE and Steven Friel of Woodsford Litigation Funding will be speaking at a discussion and question seminar at the Enyo Arbitration Breakfast Seminar on 22 November 2016.

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Woodsford’s ‘Hybrid DBA’

Law firms have shown little appetite for Damage Based Agreements (contingency fees) since their introduction back in April 2013. How did the legislators get it wrong and is there a practical work-around? The Damages Based Agreements Regulations 2013 permit lawyers to work on a ‘no [...]

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WLF welcomes the recommendations from Hong Kong LRC

Woodsford Litigation Funding Limited is at the forefront of developments in the law and practice of litigation funding around the world. We have liaised with the Singapore Ministry of Law’s public consultation on opening up access to justice in arbitral proceedings within Singapore, and we [...]

Helena Kennedy gives the inaugural WLF Lecture to Westminster University

In what was surely the most well attended litigation funding event of the year, Baroness Helena Kennedy QC yesterday delivered the inaugural Woodsford Litigation Funding Lecture at the University of Westminster Law School. The audience of lawyers, policymakers, academics and students were welcomed to the [...]

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A Classic Case of David v Goliath

Woodsford Litigation Funding's role in supporting claimants in David v Goliath litigation was highlighted recently in a landmark ruling of the English High Court: Essar Oilfields Services Limited v Norscott Rig Management PVT Limited [2016] EWHC 2361 (Comm). The Commercial Court of England and Wales has made a landmark decision [...]

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