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International Arbitration

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The specialist
funder for high- flying international arbitration. 

International arbitration is a world apart from regular commercial litigation. Run by specialist lawyers, it requires a specialist funder who understands the process intimately. As a result, many funders choose to stay away.

Our panel of arbitration experts includes John Beechey, a leading figure in international arbitration and former President of the ICC International Court of Arbitration. Thanks to our deep experience in this area of law, we're comfortable funding international arbitrations across a number of jurisdictions. We are invested in a number of high value international arbitrations and we have appetite for more. Read a case study here.

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Arbitration track record

We have a successful track record funding international arbitrations. In some instances, we funded cases which other funders refused to support, due to their complex international characteristics. Click on the button below to read more.  

About us

What gives us the confidence to fund international arbitrations? Our team, which has extensive, direct experience of arbitration and understands the unique challenges involved.  

Contact the team

Our team looks forward to hearing from you. To give us a call, arrange a meeting or send us information regarding an arbitration you are involved in, please click on the button below. 


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