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Woodsford's classic access-to-justice product

Woodsford's classic access-to-justice product offers funding on a case by case basis for high value claims in litigation or arbitration, where the claimant lacks the resources or the appetite to proceed without financial support. Our funding is non-recourse, with Woodsford's return payable only upon success.  The terms of investment and of our return are bespoke, individually tailored for each case.


Woodsford Litigation Funding may cover:


i. Lawyers' Fees: We can fund some or all of the fees incurred by the claimant's lawyers. We do not require that claimant lawyers act on a conditional or contingency fee basis, but a lawyer's willingness to take some risk in the oucome of a case (i.e. by deferring some element of their fees, payable only upon success) weighs heavily in our decision making process.


ii. Disbursements, for example costs relating to e-disclosure, expert witnesses, and court or tribunal fees. Woodsford can fund disbursements in addition to lawyers' fees, or we can fund only disbursements. It is common, for example, for some claimant law firms to work on a 100% conditional or contingent fee basis (i.e. where all of their fees are deferred, payable upon success), in which case the claimant requires only funding for disbursements (and possibly also adverse costs coverage - see further below). 


Woodsford Litigation Funding is prepared to consider any type of litigation or arbitration, in any jurisdiction.


Further, Woodsford Litigation Funding is prepared to consider funding at any stage of the litigation or arbitration, from pre-action to post-judgment. We understand the “fee fatigue” that can set in during the course of complex cases, particularly if there are delays or unexpected costs in the proceedings. We are also prepared to fund appeal/annulment proceedings, and contentious enforcements.


For more information contact: Steven Friel