SRA Code 2011

SRA Code 2011

Part of the SRA Handbook and replaces the Solicitors’ Code of Conduct 2007 


The Solicitors Regulation Authority adopts an outcomes-focused approach, requiring solicitors to consider how best to achieve the right outcomes for their clients 


The Code is likely to be of particular relevance to dispute resolution lawyers in the following areas: 


  • Funding 

Solicitors may only enter into fee agreements that they consider are suitable for the client’s needs and take account of the client’s best interests (Outcome 1.6) 


  • Costs 

Clients must be given the best possible information about the likely overall cost of their matter.  This applies on engagement and, when appropriate, as the matter progresses (Outcome 1.13) 


  • Case management 

Solicitors must ensure that clients are in a position to make informed decisions about the services they need, how their matter will be handled and the options available to them (Outcome 1.12) 


  • Confidentiality and disclosure 

Chapter 4 preserves a solicitor’s obligation to keep the affairs of clients confidential, unless disclosure is required or permitted by law, or the client consents (Outcome 4.1) 


  • Duties to the court 

Chapter 5 sets out eight mandatory Outcomes affecting issues such as dealing with witnesses, advising clients on compliance with court orders and acting as an advocate 


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