For richer, for poorer

For richer, for poorer

This case illustrates exactly the type of claim in which third party funding may be the only means by which a divorcee may have any prospect of obtaining access to justice; particularly in circumstances where a former husband (or wife) adopts a course of conduct designed to ‘starve’ the other of funds and frustrate equitable division of the matrimonial assets.

Mr and Mrs A married in the ‘90s.  While Mrs A ran the home and cared for four children, two of whom were her husband’s from a former marriage and one of whom had learning difficulties, Mr A concentrated on growing his nascent business ventures. 


Over the course of the fourteen-year marriage, Mr A’s business empire grew, comprising substantial shareholdings in property companies and real estate.


The marriage broke down and in 2012, Mrs A was forced to leave the family home. 


Unbeknownst to her, in the run-up to the breakdown, her husband had been shifting his assets into the names of his (now) grown-up children and their companies.  


Mrs A, with no income of her own and having been purposefully deprived of funds by her husband, instructed High-Street solicitors and commenced financial relief proceedings.  

‘This is a truly life changing result…and down to Woodsford’s willingness and endeavour in putting together a funding package which made this possible.  I have seldom ever come across a more grateful or deserving client.’ Riverview Law


Early on in those proceedings, Mr A offered her £400,000 to ‘go away’.


Fast forward a little under two years and, having secured litigation funding from Woodsford and instructed a City law firm and Leading Counsel to represent her, Mr A finally settled the proceedings by agreeing to pay Mrs A c. £4.5m.  

Case highlights

  • Complex nature of matrimonial assets, including numerous offshore transactions to unravel
  • Husband purposefully starves wife of funds 
  • Funding proves a game-changer 

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