Portfolio Funding

Portfolio Funding

Traditional litigation funding is carried out on a case by case basis. However, for claimants and lawyers on whom we have been able to carry out an enhanced due diligence, for example because we have previously funded cases with them, Woodsford Litigation Funding offers portfolio funding arrangements. This means that our investment and our return may be spread across a portfolio of claims, and litigants and their lawyers benefit from accelerated financing.


For law firms in particular, portfolio funding offers an exciting new financing option. Woodsford can provide financing to a firm where Woodsford's return is conditional on the firm's success in commercial litigation or arbitration cases on which the firm is acting on a conditional or contingency fee basis. Woodsford's financing can be used for any purpose, including recruitment and expansion plans.


Portfolio funding from Woodsford has a number of advantages over bank loans and partner equity. In particular, Woodsford's financing is non-recourse, i.e. we get a return only in the event of a success in the cases within the portfolio. Our capital does not burden the firm with debt.


We only want to work with good law firms, who are handling meritorious claims. We are particularly interested in portfolios of two or more commercial cases, where the law firm is acting on a total or partial contingency or conditional fee basis, where the total amount in dispute is in excess of GBP 3,000,0000, USD 4,000,000, EUR 3,600,000, and where the total funding requirement is in excess of GBP 500,000, USD 650,000, EUR 600,000.


For more information contact: Steven Friel