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Use our financial strength to unlock the potential in your litigation or arbitration.

Woodsford Litigation Funding provides tailored litigation financing solutions for businesses, individuals, and law firms, in particular litigation and arbitration funding. We are a financially strong company deploying our own capital. This means our responsive team of experienced litigation, arbitration and finance specialists reacts quickly to your funding needs. 


Transparent, straightforward. Litigation funding our way. 

We are known for our straightforward approach to funding. It's quite simple: we provide the funds for you to win your case. We'll provide as much - or as little - legal input as you need. Read more about our partnership model and how it could work for you.


Deep pockets & an acute understanding of legal process.

We are not a hedge fund out to make a quick turn. We believe in innovation and problem solving.

  • Flexible relationships with litigants and law firms to ensure fair alignment.
  • Creative partnerships with insurers to mitigate excess risk.
  • Transparency throughout the process.


Unparalleled experience of litigation and arbitration.

Our formidable team boasts many decades of senior litigation and arbitration experience. Our in-house expertise and deep connections throughout the legal world allow us to take funding decisions quickly. Find out more about the team behind Woodsford Litigation Funding. 

What is litigation funding?

Litigation is expensive and risky. It often takes far longer than expected. Third party litigation funding allows you to offload the financial risk onto the funder. Increasingly widespread, litigation funding can be a useful risk management tool, or driven by cashflow considerations. That's why Woodsford takes a flexible approach to funding.